IS IT?

    The "Nice To Meet You!" app allows you to connect to someone - face to face - without the need to give out your contact information.

  • Simple

    to connect...

    By touching the logo in the center (the both of you have to do this at the same time), the app will then connect you two.

  • Secure

    to connect...

    Once a connection is requested, a "handshake" process confirms you are connecting to the one you want to.

  • List

    of connections...

    This area will list all the Connections you have made.

  • Info

    about connections...

    You can see their picture, first name, when you met them, and where you met them.

  • Chat

    with connections...

    After you have made a Connection, chat with them - all within this app! Without ever needing to give out your contact info.



    Unlike other IMs out there, the messages sent only last 3 days. Feel free to talk about whatever you like - we don't care. LOL.